Community Education

Activities & Programs

One of the main goals of the Community Education Office is to acquire and distribute the most current information of a proactive nature therefore enabling citizens to reduce the risk of being victimized by criminal activity. Programs are provided to assist the community in recognizing crime, its causes, and methods of preventing it. To accomplish this, the sheriff's office has committed resources that include personnel, equipment, specialized training, and community based literature.


Serving the schools in Greene County is another primary objective of the Community Education Office. We are dedicated to insuring that this objective remains our focus as we help our districts continue to provide a quality educational program for which the Greene County System is recognized. Significant financial savings are realized by minimizing duplication of services and by providing cooperative personnel services in programs which individual districts could not financially afford or efficiently manage on their own.

Notifications to Emergency Contacts

The Greene County Sheriff's Office participates in several emergency notification programs. Check out the emergency notification programs to see if one or all fit your life style.

ICE - In Case of Emergency (Cell phone)
Because of the difficulty in locating family members of accident victims, the ICE idea was born. The ICE concept is simple- simply program your cellular phone memory with the acronym ICE ("in case of emergency") followed by the names and phone numbers of those whom you would wish to be notified in an emergency.

Next of Kin notification (Ohio BMV)
Ohioans may add two emergency contacts to their Bureau of Motor Vehicles record for use by law enforcement. Parents of children who have an Ohio ID card are encouraged to add contact information to their child’s record for use in the event the child becomes lost or is reported missing.

S.T.O.P.P.E.D. - Sheriff's Telling Our Parents and Promoting Educated Drivers
The Greene County Sheriff's Office offers parents this voluntary notification system to extend their watchful eyes and raise the awareness of drivers under the age of 21. 

Shop With-A-Deputy

Another program organized by the office is the "Shop With-A-Deputy" event that is conducted annually in cooperation with the Greene County Children Service. This event provides less fortunate children of Greene County with a gift for Christmas.

Other Programs

Many other programs are conducted throughout the year for the public interest such as:
  • Neighborhood Watch group meetings
  • Safety Awareness classes
  • Crime prevention sessions
  • monthly survey distributions
The Community Education Office also attends several of the areas festivals and events. This gives the Community Education Deputy an opportunity to receive input from the public so that we may discover how the public feels the Sheriff’s Office is doing to keep their community a safe place to live, work and raise their children.

Deputy Assignments

The deputy assigned to the Community Education / DARE office is hand selected by the sheriff and is screened to make certain that the Sheriff’s Office "mission and goals" are upheld to the highest level. The deputy assigned to this full time position must successfully complete the DARE Instructor Certification before he/she begins any class room instruction.

The Instructor Certification is a demanding, comprehensive 80 hour class that is taught through DARE America. Some of what the DARE curriculum instructor certification includes is curriculum, class room management, scheduling, and the learning modalities of students. The instruction also includes intensive public speaking classes. The prospective DARE Officer must show his/her proficiency with the course material and class room management by teaching lessons from the curriculum to colleagues and in an actual class room of students.

Only after successfully completing all areas of the instruction shall the deputy receive the instructor certification to enable him/her to teach the DARE curriculum. The Greene County Sheriff’s Office will strive to keep the Greene County schools a safe place for our children to learn.