How to Report a Crime

Emergency - Dial 9-1-1

There are several ways to report a crime. When a violent or felonious crime is observed the victim or witness should immediately call 9-1-1. It is important to note that the caller may be crucial in the prosecution of this crime. Give as much information as possible to the 9-1-1 operator and the investigating officer at the scene of the crime.

Non-Emergency - Dial (937) 376-5111

When a misdemeanor or non-violent crime is to be reported, or the criminal act has already occurred, the witness should use the non-emergency number to their local law enforcement agency. This allows the victim or witness to report the crime while leaving the 9-1-1 line open for emergencies. The Law Enforcement Agency will still make a report and investigate the crime. It is important to note that a non-emergency caller using the 9-1-1 line will be told to call the non emergency number to report the crime.

Tip Line - (937) 562-4819

The third way to report a crime is to remain anonymous. This is useful in cases where the witness is fearful of retaliation by the suspect. The anonymous reporting of a crime is accomplished by using the Tips Line at (937) 562-4819. The information given by the caller will be kept confidential. It is important to note that information given in this manner must be supported with evidence by law enforcement. This makes some crimes harder to prosecute since no witnesses have come forward to help the police with prosecution. However the information gained by this type of reporting, once corroborated by law enforcement often leads to arrest in very serious cases.