Board of Revision Process

Hearing Scheduling

As part of the appeal process, every complaint is reviewed and evidence is evaluated. Based on this preliminary review a recommendation is made and if the evidence provided supports a lower value the Board will send an offer letter to settle the claim prior to scheduling a hearing.

If you accept the offer a final appealable order is issued by the Board of Revision concluding the process. If the Board does not send an offer letter or you do not accept the offer a hearing is scheduled.

Hearing Process

The hearing is a quasi-judicial process, which means a record of the meeting will be made and you will be sworn in. You will be asked to present your evidence to the Board and the Board may ask questions or ask for additional information before making a decision.

Once the hearing is complete and the Board has rendered its decision it will mail a final appealable order to you with the Board’s decision. The letter will also outline what your further appeal rights are if you disagree with the Board’s decision.

Attending the Hearing

If you are not able to attend the hearing that has been scheduled, please ensure that you contact the Auditor’s Office to reschedule your hearing. Providing early notice allows the board to reschedule your time slot and will give us greater flexibility in rescheduling your hearing time.

If you do not wish to attend your hearing please provide written notice to the auditor that you are waiving your right to a hearing. In this case the board will still consider the evidence you provided and will render its decision based purely on that evidence or may communicate with you any additional evidence that it is seeking.