What You Need to Know

Your Responsibility

Please remember, ultimately it is your responsibility to prove the auditor’s value is incorrect. To do this you must have evidence specific to your property.

Avoid making general statements about the real estate market or average sales prices as this does not speak to the value of your property specifically.

Property Producing Income

If you are filing a complaint on a property that produces income please include income and expense statements related to the property for the previous three years (if available). This would include residential rental properties and commercial buildings.

Appraisal Based

If your complaint is based on an appraisal completed for your property, please ensure your appraiser will be willing to testify on the appraisal report before the Board of Revision and will be available for any scheduled hearing.

Sale Based

If your evidence is based on a sale, provide a copy of the listing from your realtor showing the listing history, including the list price and the number of days on the market.

Condition Issues

If there are condition issues related to the property, document those condition issues and provide evidence of any work that has already been completed; evidence of work that needs to be completed, and any estimated costs.