Guardianship of an Incompetent Adult

If the alleged incompetent adult is a resident of Greene County, Ohio, then you may apply for guardianship of that adult in Greene County Probate Court.

Please review the checklist below to determine the necessary forms for applying for a guardianship. After reviewing the checklist, if you are not certain of the correct forms for your situation, or need help filling out the forms, please contact an attorney for assistance. The Deputy Clerks in Probate Court are prohibited by law from giving legal advice, which includes advising you on what forms to use and how to fill out the forms.


  1. Checklist for Initial Filing of Guardianship Incompetent
  2. 15.0 Next of Kin of Proposed Ward
  3. 15.01 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing on Application for Appointment of Guardian
  4. 15.1 Waiver of Notice and Consent
  5. 15.2 Fiduciary's Acceptance-Guardian
  6. 15.3 Guardians Bond
  7. 15.4 Letters of Guardianship
  8. 15.5 Guardian's Inventory
  9. 15.6 Application to Release Funds to Guardian
  10. 15.7 Application for Authority to Expend Funds
  11. 15.8 Guardian's Account
  12. 15.9 Oath of Guardian
  13. 17.0 Application for Appointment of Guardian Incompetent
  14. 17.1 Statement of Expert Evaluation
  15. 17.3 Notice to Prospective Ward of Application and Hearing
  16. 17.4 Notice of Hearing for Appointment of Guardian of Alleged Incompetent Person
  17. 17.5 Judgment Entry Appointment of Guardian for Incompetent Person
  18. 17.7 Guardian's Report
  19. 22.5 Application to Settle a Claim of an Adult Ward
  20. 22.6 Entry Approving Settlement of Claim of an Adult Ward
  21. 22.7 Report of Distribution and Entry
  22. GC Form 11.2-A Request for Recording of Hearing
  23. GC Form 56.1-C Application for Extension of Time to File
  24. GC Form 56.1-D Entry Regarding Extension of Time to File
  25. GC Form 66.1-A Ward Supplemental Information Form
  26. GC Form 66.1-B Applicant Supplemental Information Form
  27. GC Form 66.1-C Application to Dispense with Inventory or Accounts
  28. GC Form 66.1-D Incident Report Form
  29. GC Form 66.1-E Application for Authority to Sell Assets of a Ward
  30. GC Form 66.1-F Entry Authorizing Sale of Assets of a Ward
  31. GC Form 66.1-G Notice of Death of Ward
  32. GC Form 66.1-H Notice of Change of Address of Ward
  33. GC Form 66.3-B Certification of Compliance
  34. GC Form 66.3-C Application for Extension of Time to Complete Guardian Education Requirements
  35. GC Form 66.3-D Application for Conditional Deferral of Guardian Education Requirements
  36. GC Form 66.3-E Application for Direct Services Exception
  37. GC Form 66.3-F Application To Move Ward to More Restrictive Setting
  38. GC Form 66.5-A Request for Expedited Hearing on Appointment of Guardian
  39. GC Form 71.0 Fee Computation on Land Sale Proceedings
  40. GC Form 71.3-A Application for Authority to Pay Attorney Fees
  41. GC Form 71.3-B Entry Authorizing Payment of Attorney Fees
  42. GC Form 73.1-A Application for Authority to Pay Guardian Compensation
  43. GC Form 73.1-B Entry Authorizing Payment of Guardian Fees
  44. GC Form 75.1 Self-Representation Acknowledgment
  45. GC Form 75.2-C Application to Dispense with Guardian's Bond
  46. GC Form 75.2-D Entry Regarding Guardian's Bond
  47. GC Form 75.3-A Contact Information Form
  48. GC Form 78.1-A Request for Review Hearing
  49. GC Form 78.8-A Application to Voluntarily Withdrawal as Guardian
  50. GC Form 78.8-B Entry Regarding Application to Voluntarily Withdraw as Guardian
  51. GC Form 78.8-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Guardian
  52. GC Form 78.9-A Application to Withdraw as Legal Counsel
  53. GC Form 78.9-B Entry Regarding Withdrawal as Legal Counsel
  54. GC Form 78.9-C Notice of Involuntary Withdrawal of Legal Counsel
  55. GC Form 104.1-A Entry Approving and Settling Account
  56. GC Form 104.1-B Disclosure of Guardian with Ten or More Wards
  57. GC Form 104.1-C Report of Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of Ward
  58. GC Form 104.1-D Application to Limit or Terminate Guardianship
  59. GC Form 104.1-E Entry Regarding Application to Limit or Terminate Guardianship
  60. GC Form 104.1-F Application to Commence Legal Proceedings for Ward
  61. GC Form 104.1-G Entry Regarding Application to Commence Legal Proceedings
  62. GC Form 104.1-I Report of Compensation from Outside Sources
  63. GC Form 104.1-J Report of Potential Conflict of Interest
  64. GC Form 104.1-K List of Ward's Important Legal Papers
  65. GC Form 104.1-O Affidavit of Indigency
  66. GC Form 104.1-P Application to Admit Foreign Records
  67. GC Form 104.1-Q Entry Admitting Foreign Records
  68. GC Form 104.5-A Consent to Power of Sale of Guardian
  69. GC Form 106.2-A Praecipe for Subpoena
  70. GC Form 106.2-B Subpoena
  71. GC Form 106.2-C Subpoena Duces Tecum
  72. GC Form 106.2-E Motion for Service by Publication
  73. GC Form 106.2-F Order Regarding Service by Publication
  74. GC Form 106.2-G Motion to Appoint Process Server
  75. GC Form 106.2-H Order Regarding Process Server