The Honorable Cynthia Martin

        Judge Cynthia Martin began her judicial career when she was appointed as Domestic Relations Court Magistrate in 2006 and then served as Chief Magistrate from 2014 through 2020, at which time she was elected as Judge, taking office January 1, 2021.  Judge Martin earned her law degree from the University of Dayton, School of Law in 1992, at which time she was sworn in as a member of the Ohio Bar.  Prior to joining the Court, Judge Martin worked as a solo practitioner with her focus on family law. Further, Judge Martin served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Dayton, School of Law, and worked as an attorney for Ohio’s Attorney General.

        Judge Martin currently sits on the Board of the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts.  She participated in the Custody Evaluator Standards Workgroup through the Supreme Court of Ohio.   Judge Martin is active in the Domestic Violence Consortium and is a past president of the Greene County Bar Association.

        Judge Martin’s service to the Court demonstrates her philosophy to be fair, just and respectful of all litigants while consistently applying the law.  Judge Martin is committed to helping families resolve their differences about finances, property, and especially children, in the least divisive way possible.  Judge Martin is dedicated to creating solutions, resolving disputes and helping families transition into a new family situation that focuses on the best interests of children. Her commitment to these philosophies is shown through her initiative while Chief Magistrate to introduce the Court’s first alternative dispute resolution program. This commitment continues to be seen through her efforts to establish additional resources for informal resolution of cases with the Court’s assistance through the Alternative Dispute Resolution program.