Conveyance Preparation

Standards set forth for Deeds and other Conveyances are established by the Greene County Auditor and the Greene County Engineer.

All deeds and conveyances, including leases, land contracts, and easements, must contain the following:

  • Must comply with the Ohio Document Format requirements. Refer to our document format requirements page for more information.
  • Must include the correct conveyance and recording fees. Contact the Auditor’s Office for information concerning conveyance forms and fees.
  • All information must by legible. Please type all information. Typing is also required by the Engineer and the Auditor.
  • Complete legal description, which can be obtained from prior deed(s) filed in Recorder’s Office. The abbreviated legal found on the Greene County Auditor’s website is not complete.
  • Any legal description that includes a Plat Book and Page must also include the Plat Cabinet and Page. In the past, Plats were indexed in Plat Books, but on March 11, 1994 the Recorder’s Office switched to Plat Cabinets and stopped using a Plat Book & Page reference. At that time, plats and condos previously assigned a Plat Book & Page reference were also given a Plat Cabinet and Page reference. So, plats recorded prior to March 11, 1994 must include both a Plat Book and Page and a Plat Cabinet and Page reference. Please refer to our Plat Book Conversion page for more information.
  • All legal descriptions must include a parcel number, which can be obtained from the Auditor’s website.
  • All deeds and conveyances must also include:
    1. A prepared by statement
    2. Correct prior deed reference
    3. Complete acknowledgement with notarial statement and seal
Recorder's Fee Schedule
State of Ohio County Recorder Table of Fees

Plat Requirements: