General Preparation

General Document Preparation

*****Effective June 13, 2016********

Real Estate transactions brought to the Recorder’s Office after 3:30 are not guaranteed to be processed on the same business day.

We truly want to record your documents as soon as possible after we receive them; unfortunately, we cannot always do so because the document is not prepared properly and must be rejected. Verifying these items can drastically reduce rejections and increase the turnaround time, so please examine your documents carefully before you seal the envelope.

  • Include the correct parcel number(s) on all documents relating to property. We cannot index your instruments properly without the parcel number(s).
  • Include the volume and page notation. If your document requires a volume and page notation make sure it is listed on the document. Since we are not permitted to perform searches, we cannot look up the volume and page for you. We cannot write the volume and page on the document for you, even if you ask us. The only exception is in the case of assignments, releases, modifications, etc, being recorded simultaneously with the mortgage and you need us to fill in the recording information after we assign a volume and page. Here is an incomplete list of common instruments that require a notation.
There is $4.00 fee for each notation.
  • Releases
  • Assignments
  • Subordinations
  • Modifications
  • Certain Affidavits
  • Send the correct recording fees. We cannot make change on checks in Greene County, so your checks must be written for the exact amount. Consequently, we will not record your documents if the checks are not exact. Add notation fees to the final total of each instrument. Please refer to our Fee Schedule page for a list of recording fees.
  • All Mechanic’s Liens must be approved in the Engineers Tax Map Department and must include a correct and complete property description, parcel number, and current owner of the property. Please refer to our Mechanic’s Lien page for more information.
  • Follow the Ohio document standards requirements when you prepare your documents. If your document does not comply and you did not send the $20.00 fee, your document cannot be recorded. Please refer to our document format page for more information.
  • Include a cover page with recording instructions and contact information with all recordings sent through the mail or by UPS or FEDEX. The cover page is for informational purposes only and will not be recorded with the documents.
  • Include a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) or money for the proper postage with all documents submitted for recording, unless the documents will be picked up by the filer.

Items to Consider

  • What type of document am I recording?
  • Did I include a return envelope or the proper postage?
  • Does this document need a property description?
  • Did I actually attach the property description?
  • Did I include the parcel number?
  • Is the property located in Greene County, Ohio?
  • Are all of the parties names listed on the document?
  • Did the parties sign the document?
  • Do the signatures actually match the names typed in the granting clause?
  • Are all of the names spelled correctly? Are there any typos in the name?
  • Have the signatures on the document been notarized?
  • Does the state require a seal?
  • What is the date of the notary?
  • Was the document notarized before July 1, 2009? If no, then it must conform to the document standards law. If yes, then it does not have to conform.
  • Does this document have to conform to the document standards law?
  • Is the top margin on the first page 3 or more inches of blank space?
  • Is the top margin on the second page and all other pages 1 ½ inches or more of blank space?
  • Are all of the side margins 1 inch or more inches of space?
  • Is the font too small?
  • Did anyone use a highlighter on the document? Check the signature pages.
  • Does this document require a volume and page notation?
  • Did the preparer actually include the volume and page notation?
  • How many notations are on the document? Did I include enough funds for all of the notation fees?
  • If this is a release of mortgage? Was the mortgage filed before 1980? If yes, no notation fee.
  • Is there any personal information included in this document---social security numbers,
  • birthdates, driver’s license number’s, bank account numbers, personal telephone numbers?
  • Check the notary for personal information. Notaries often write it there.
  • Does the property description need to be approved by the tax map department?
  • Does the Auditor’s Office need to check this document?
  • Does this document need a conveyance form? Did I include the conveyance form?
  • What is the conveyance fee?
  • Did I send enough money for the conveyance fee? Did I include a separate check for the conveyance fee?
  • Does the property description need a plat cabinet & page number?
  • Does the deed have a prior deed reference?
  • How many pages is this document?
  • How much does it cost to file this document?
  • How much money did I send?