Kennel License

According to the O.R.C. (O.R.C. 955.02), a kennel owner is defined as a person, firm, company, or corporation professionally engaged in the business of breeding dogs for sale. Greene County abides by the following guidelines:

  • Ohio law requires that all kennels be licensed each year no later than January 31st (O.R.C. 955.05)
  • The penalty for purchasing a license after January 31st is equal to the license fee
  • New kennel owners have thirty days to acquire a kennel license; after thirty days, a penalty is applied to the licensing fee
  • The license fees are determined annually by the County Commissioners
  • Kennel license may be purchased at the auditor's office only

Kennel License Cost:

  • $100 per year for five dog licenses
  • $1 each for additional dog licenses
  • $100 penalty after January 31st of each year

The Greene County Auditor's Office is not responsible to determine if each applicant is restricted from having a kennel license at his or her address. The office recommends checking local zoning restrictions in the municipality or township that would prohibit a kennel before applying. There is the potential that restricted covenants could be attached to the property deed.

Owning five or more dogs personally does not qualify for a kennel license and will be subject to the individual standard per dog.