Prevention Program

The Prevention Program is a voluntary court program offered to families who are concerned that their youth might be at risk of becoming involved with the Juvenile Court system through Diversion or Probation.

The primary purpose of the Prevention Program is to successfully intervene in the life of a child before Juvenile Court involvement appears necessary. Any youth who are between the ages of 9 -17 and who have had no previous court involvement are eligible for the Prevention Program.

There are several ways that a referral can be made: 

  1. Parents can make referrals based upon behavior at home and/or in the community; Referral Form;
  2. School officials can make referrals based upon school behavior and/or a request from the parent for assistance;
  3. Law enforcement officials can make referrals based upon a response to an unruly child call.

The benefits of the Prevention Program are many. Youth will be given additional support to develop appropriate decision making skills; families will be strengthened through the use of community support services; and communities will be enriched through supporting families that are looking for assistance.

If you have any questions regarding the Prevention Program, please call Rebecca Meek between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, at (937) 562-4049.