Sewer & Water Customer Level Billing Program

In order to improve our service and make it easier for our customers to pay their bills, the Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department offers an option of level billing each month, giving them the option of planning and making it easier to budget.

The program allows customers to pay the same amount each month for 11 months with the final month of their 12 month billing cycle to be a settlement or "catch-up" month. Under this plan, customers will know how much their water and/or sewer bill will be each month.

Currently, quarterly read customers pay the same amount for two months, then pay actual usage, over minimum, on the third month.

In order to qualify for the level billing option, customers must have at least a 12 month account history in their present location. This historical usage will be used to compute the level amount for each customer. The account must be at a zero (0) balance by the first level bill statement.

If you are presently on level billing, and wish to remain so, you do not have to sign up again. Your level billing will continue at the amount stated in the message area of your bill.

How To Sign Up

The request to go on level billing must be submitted in writing or via email.

At any time a customer may make a payment which is larger than their level billing amount. However, the level bill amount is the minimum which is to be paid each month.

We are offering the billing option for our customer's convenience and we encourage you to take advantage of it.


  • Although you can sign up for level billing at any time, your settlement month will occur during June of each year following your sign-up date.

  • Level billing does not benefit customers who have monthly meter reads as much as it does those who have quarterly reads.

  • The total account balance will be shown on each monthly bill in order to allow the customer to see the account status at any time. However, only the level billing amount is to be paid.

  • The monthly bill amount will be determined by a review of usage data for the previous 12 months. An average usage amount is determined and adjusted to current and anticipated rate levels. This allows for any fluctuations during the year and also acts as a buffer for the settlement (12th) month.

  • Customers on level billing may be taken off during the year, with a written request, providing they bring their account balance up-to-date. Any overages will be carried as a credit on the account until used up.

  • Customers on the plan must pay the level bill amount in full, each month by the due date. Anyone whose level billing account is past due 60 days or more will forfeit their level billing privilege and will be subject to liens and shut-offs on delinquent amounts. A customer may be reinstated if the account is at a zero balance and it has been at least twelve months since removal from level billing.