Family and Children First Council

The aim of the Greene County FCFC is to maintain an efficient, effective and responsive county-wide system to provide services to families and children by breaking though the barriers that exist between the various agencies and to help the agencies share resources.

In 1993, the first county Family and Children First Councils were begun in Ohio by an executive order of the governor.

It was recognized that many families were involved with a number of agencies which are all providing services at the same time. The Council was started as a way for the leaders of these different agencies to work together to help the families they served. By working together, the agencies could plan programs and strategies to help prevent families from getting caught up in all kinds of red tape.

At the County Level, the FCFC is made up of people who work in local agencies including:
  • The Mental Health and Recovery Board of Greene County
  • The Greene County Combined Health District
  • Greene County Job and Family Services / Children Services
  • Greene County Board of Developmental Disabilities
  • Greene County Juvenile Court
  • Local school systems
At the State Level, the FCF Cabinet Council is composed of directors of all the major State departments that oversee family services at the County Level.

The Greene County Board of Commissioners established the Greene County's Family and Children First Department in 1996.

Download the list of Family and Children First Council Members.