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Driveway Permits

If you are constructing a new driveway in Greene County along a county road or modifying your driveway along a county road, you are required to obtain a permit before construction.  The Engineer's Office will evaluate the proposed drive site prior to construction to ensure the driveway will be positioned in a safe location, and determine the specifications for the installation of the culvert pipe (size, length, material, etc.).   

Culverts installed without a permit, are subject to removal at the property owners expense. 

We currently do not allow the filling of ditches with pipe or dirt beyond your standard driveway.  

Why do we prefer open roadside ditches along county roads instead of enclosed pipe drainage systems?  Improved surface drainage, roadway base drainage, reduced flooding, improved water quality, and reduced infrastructure costs.

There is no charge for culvert permits. 

Permits are usually issued within a week of receiving the request, weather permitting.  

Permit to work in County Right-of-Way

Special Hauling Permits (Oversized Loads)