As authorized by the Ohio Revised Code, the County Engineer requires that appropriate permits be obtained before commencing certain activities within the road right-of-way.  Once a complete permit is submitted to our office via email or in-person, please allow time for processing.  A review schedule is available here. More information about each permit is detailed below.

In addition to those permits listed below, there may be other permits/approvals required from state and local agencies for those who build or develop property in rural Greene County.

Greene County Entity Permit Contacts

The Greene County Engineer owns/maintains roads designated as county roads AND bridges on county roads, township roads, and other through routes in the county.  We do NOT own/maintain interstates, state routes, municipal streets, residential or subdivision streets.  Before submitting your permit, please visit the "Road Responsibility Map" to verify the road is a county road and/or the "Bridge Responsibility Map" to verify if the bridge is a county bridge.  When you click on the road or bridge, you will find information on which entity is responsible for ownership/maintenance of the road/bridge. 

Road Responsibility Map

Bridge Responsibility Map

Please choose the appropriate permit below:

Driveway Permit

If you are constructing a new driveway in Greene County along a county road or modifying your driveway along a county road, you are required to obtain a permit before construction.  The Engineer's Office will evaluate the proposed location prior to construction to ensure the driveway will be positioned in a safe location, and determine the specifications for the installation of the culvert pipe (size, length, material, etc.).   

Driveways and culverts pipes installed without a permit, are subject to removal at the property owners expense. 

We currently do not allow the filling of ditches with pipe or dirt beyond your standard driveway.  Why do we prefer open roadside ditches along county roads instead of enclosed pipe drainage systems?  Improved surface drainage, roadway base drainage, reduced flooding, improved water quality, and reduced infrastructure costs.  See our Roadside Drainage Brochure for more information.

There is a charge for driveway permits. Permits are usually issued within two weeks of receiving the complete application.  

Utility Permit

Utility Permits ensure that all utilities, such as phone, water, electric, gas, and cable, are installed in the proper areas of the public right-of-way.  Safe construction and correct installation are required per standards directed by the County Engineer.

There is a charge for utility permits.  The utility permit review schedule can be found here.

Special Hauling Permit (Oversize Loads)

Sections 5577.04 and 5577.05 of the Ohio Revised Code specifies the maximum size and weight allowable that requires an Ohio Special Hauling Permit.  If you desire to travel on an Ohio State highway or a US highway or an Interstate highway in Ohio, you will need a Special Hauling Permit for the Ohio Department of Transportation.  If you desire to travel on township routes or municipal streets, you will need to contact those corresponding agencies accordingly.  The Greene County Engineer's Office issues for Greene County roads and bridges found on county, township, and some municipal roads only. See our Bridge Responsibility Map for detailed information.

Anyone wishing to transport an overweight or oversize load in a vehicle on County and/or Township roads must complete a Special Haul Permit.  Information required for the permit includes the size, loading, and configuration of the vehicle's cargo.

Special Hauling Permits give the County the opportunity to review overweight and oversized loads moving through Greene County. This ensures the safest equipment and proper routing along the most appropriate roads in an effort to safeguard the County system of roadways and roadway structures and contribute to the safe movement of highway traffic for vehicles/loads that exceed the statutory maximum legal weights and dimensions.

Allow 7 business days for processing of permit application.

For special hauling permits with more than 12 axles, use third sheet of Special Haul Permit Application and attach a drawing of the vehicle.  Special Haul Permits require a fee

Right of Way Permit

 For work within the right of way that is not for a driveway or utility, please use this permit.  

Stormwater Permit 

see Greene County Stormwater page