Greene County Women's Hall of Fame

Endorsed by the Greene County Board of Commissioners

The Greene County Women's Hall of Fame was established in 1981 by the late Alice Mae Warner Halle and is endorsed by the Greene County Board of Commissioners. Plaques with each honoree's name, in order of the year she was inducted, are on display in the Commissioners' Chamber in Xenia. The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to celebrate and honor women of varied backgrounds and talents for their dedication to making Greene County a better place to live.

A selection committee, based upon the quantity of nominations, determines the number of inductees into the Hall of Fame and number of posthumous awards.

The Hall of Fame inductees and recognized individuals are selected on the basis of their contributions that have provided countywide, state, national or international impact. Achievement for recognition may have been in the arts, humanities, business, industry, agriculture, health, government, politics, sports, education, homemaking, the media, volunteer activities, distinguished personal achievements or any other specified area.


Greene County Women's Hall of Fame Honorees


Nominations for the GCWHOF

  • Nominees must be native-born Greene Countians or currently residing in the county (a 10-year residency is required)
  • Nominations may be made at any time by an individual or organization by completing the Hall of Fame Nomination Form or by following the format of this form to generate a nomination using a computer.  
  • Additional details on the nomination process may be found on Information Regarding Selection of Honorees.
  • The recognition luncheon is held annually on the last Saturday of September.
  • Nominations for each annual recognition must be received by June 30 of that year and must be sent to the address listed on the form.

For additional information, please contact Ann Byrd at (937) 429-1805.

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Greene County’ Women's Hall of Fame

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