Appraisal Process

How is my property assessed?


The county auditor is the assessor of all of the real estate in the county for tax purposes. The auditor is charged with viewing and appraising each parcel of real estate at its estimated fair market value on both the land and improvements every six years and updated every three years. Greene County will complete sexennial revaluations by the end of 2020 with tax adjustments reflected in tax bills sent out in 2021.

In Ohio, the common level of assessment for real estate is presently at 35% of the appraisal value. The taxable value of any parcel is 35% of its appraised or fair market value. To review property information, please search online or submit an updated information form to the real estate department.

To challenge a property valuation, complete a Complaint Against the Valuation of Real Property (DTE 1) form and file with the County Auditor on or before March 31st of the following tax year.