Family Resources

Family Resources (JPG)There are a number of resources available to research family history. We have provided several links below that will assist you with your research. Many of these resources provide access to information online and can be accessed at your convenience. We also encourage you to contact your local history or genealogical organization for more information.

Greene County Family History Resources

Greene County Library History and Genealogy Databases 

Greene County RootsWeb 

Greene County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society 

Greene County Health Dept - Birth/Death Certificates 1909 - Present 

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Greene County Birth Records - FamilySearch 

Greene County Marriage Records - FamilySearch 

Greene County Naturalization Records - FamilySearch 

Greene County Probate Records - FamilySearch 

Greene County Tax Records - FamilySearch

We have created How-To Guides on using FamilySearch to locate Greene County records. You can view the current guides here. We also have created a few YouTube videos for locating particular records on FamilySearch, which are linked below:

Greene County Marriage Record Tutorial

Greene County Deed Record Tutorial

Greene County Tax Record Tutorial

Greene County Naturalization Record Tutorial

Greene County Estate/Guardianship Record Tutorial

Local History

We would like to highlight some of the other local historical collections and archives in Greene County. Learn about the relationship between Payne Theological Seminary and Wilberforce University.

Some of these materials tell the story of the Seminary's development and change from its founding in 1891 to 1939, when the institution had been established for nearly 50 years.

To the right is an image of Rev. Daniel Payne, one of the founders of Wilberforce University. Payne Theological Seminary is named in Rev. Payne's honor. The Seminary is associated with the university.
Daniel A Payne (PNG)Rev. Daniel Payne, one of the founders of Wilberforce University.

Reverdy C. Ransom License to Preach from Wilberforce University, 1885

The Payne Theological Seminary Catalogue, 1893-94, And an Account of its Origin and Organization 

Correspondence between Reverdy C. Ransom to Richard R. Wright, 1932 
Letter concerns the decision to offer Wright the presidency at Wilberforce University. 

Wilberforce University Bulletin, Annual Catalogue Edition, Announcements for the Academic Year, 1936-1937

Wilberforce University Bulletin, Annual Catalogue Edition, Announcements for the Academic Year, 1938-1939 

We recommend that you visit Payne Theological Seminary's Archives in order to look through the entire Annual Catalogue that includes:

  • List of Board of Trustees and Executive Board members at Wilberforce University and Payne Theological Seminary
  • Expenses for students at Wilberforce University and Payne Theological Seminary 
  • Information about admissions, requirements for graduation, organization and fees
  • Description of courses offered at Payne Theological Seminar

Central State University Historical Podcasts
Check out these podcasts that tell the "historical stories about the Tawawa Woods, and the Central State University and old Wilberforce University campuses. These video presentations complement historical markers erected at each site." CSU Archivist Sheila Darrow and English Professor Dr. Amy Hobbs-Harris conducted research for “A Walk Through Local African American History”. 

Antiochiana (Antioch College's Archives) Website 

National Park Service - Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers and Youngsholm 

Greene County Library District Petition Signatures (URL to Flickr page)

Index of Greene County Library District Petition Signatures (link to transcription)

List of Children in Children's Home, circa 1935