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Hello and welcome to the Greene County Archives' blog, "Out of the Clock Tower".  Please join us as we share information on archival issues, news, special events, and highlights from our collection.

Before the archives program began in Greene County in 1996, permanent records were stored in every conceivable space, in basements, garages, and closets. Usually they were in boxes of various shapes and sizes, although seldom adequately labeled, but occasionally they were just in loose piles of books and papers. Most notable were the old records stuffed into the clock tower of the County Courthouse, where they shared their home with pigeon droppings.

Now, there is a clean, environmentally controlled, well appointed location for the county archives, where our historical records are housed in standard sized boxes on steel shelves. We have taken note of their journey in the name for our blog.

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Jul 16

West Wing Expansion!

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 3:24 PM by Melissa Dalton

We learned sometime last year we were acquiring some additional space in another part of the building, and were very excited for the opportunity to expand and have more archival storage space. We were well into our planning stages, having scheduled the move and installation of mobile shelving (another department was removing it to better accommodate equipment storage, so it was offered to us!), then COVID-19 hit. Our plans were sidelined, and we really weren’t sure when (and even if) this project would move forward. However, around the middle of June, we got the good news that the project was a go! Needless to say, we were ecstatic.

So, what all did/do we have to do to complete this project? First, our County Services department had to remove a couple of walls in the new space, and create an entryway between our current storage area and the new area (Fig 1). Once that process was complete, Quality Installation Services, LLC came in to move the mobile shelving. This part of the project was done in two phases. First, the crew dismantled the shelving from one space, and moved it piece by piece into our space (Fig 2). Once completely dismantled and staged, they were able to start the rebuild! The rebuild required laying the floor and tracks (Fig 3), and building the shelving units (Fig 4). In all, the crew worked a total of about six days to get the job done! We are so pleased with their work (Fig 5).

Fig 1. Original space in the West Wing (PNG)Fig 1. Entryway between old space and new space (PNG)Fig 1. New space with walls removed (PNG)
Fig 1. Current space, new entryway, and new space with walls removed

Fig 2. Staging of shelving prior to installation (PNG)Fig 2. Staging of shelving prior to installation (PNG)
Fig 2. Staging of shelving prior to installation

Fig 3. Installation of floors and tracks (JPG)Fig 3. Installation of floors and tracks (JPG)
Fig 3. Installation of floors and tracks

Fig 4. Units being rebuilt by crew (JPG)Fig 4. Units being rebuilt by crew (JPG)
Fig 4. Units being rebuilt by crew

Fig 5. Mobile shelving complete (JPG)
Fig 5. Mobile shelving complete (JPG)
Fig 5. Mobile Shelving Complete!

The next phase is to move the boxes that are currently housed in our non-archival storage space onto the “new” mobile shelving, so our County Services folks can remove the wooden shelves. However, before we can do anything, we have to spend some time cleaning the shelves on the newly installed unit. We hope to get most of that done next week.

Once the old shelves are out, we’ll be able to move in other shelving units. So far, the plan is to install roller shelving and rotating cabinets (Fig 6). These shelving units will allow us to store some of our books and journals that are not used as frequently, and open up space in our main storage area.

Fig 6. Roller shelves will be similar to this (JPG)Fig 6. Rotating cabinet will be similar to this (PNG)
Fig 6. Roller shelving and rotating cabinets will be similar to the above

We know this is going to be a long project, but we are looking forward to creating more space, and providing the records in our possession the best possible storage conditions to ensure they are around for future generations.

Until Next Time!


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