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Hello and welcome to the Greene County Archives' blog, "Out of the Clock Tower".  Please join us as we share information on archival issues, news, special events, and highlights from our collection.

Before the archives program began in Greene County in 1996, permanent records were stored in every conceivable space, in basements, garages, and closets. Usually they were in boxes of various shapes and sizes, although seldom adequately labeled, but occasionally they were just in loose piles of books and papers. Most notable were the old records stuffed into the clock tower of the County Courthouse, where they shared their home with pigeon droppings.

Now, there is a clean, environmentally controlled, well appointed location for the county archives, where our historical records are housed in standard sized boxes on steel shelves. We have taken note of their journey in the name for our blog.

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Apr 15

2021 Records and Information Management Month!

Posted on April 15, 2021 at 10:18 AM by Melissa Dalton

Did you know that April is Records and Information Management (RIM) Month? RIM Month began in 1995 when ARMA International (formerly known as the Association of Records Managers and Administrators) adopted April as the month to bring awareness and recognition to the work records and information managers/practitioners do on a daily basis to promote the proper management of records (Fig 1).

2021 Records and Information Management Month log (PNG)

Fig 1. ARMA International RIM Month logo (

What is records management? Records management is the systematic control of records throughout their lifecycle, from creation, receipt, maintenance, use, and disposition. It is the job of a records/information manager to preserve and protect records and information, while complying with federal and state laws, and classifying which records are of intrinsic and historical value, all while implementing policies that make records accessible to the public. 

This year, the Greene County Board of Commissioners formally recognized Records Management Month by signing a Resolution (Fig 2) encouraging employees to participate in training sessions to learn more about the appropriate and effective management of the records their individual department’s hold and maintain. If you are interested in learning more about the rules that guide the retention and disposal of county records, the public is welcome to attend the Greene County Records Commission meeting, which is held twice a year. Minutes from past meetings are available online, as well as up-to-date retention schedules.

2021 Resolution for Records Management Month (JPG)

Fig 2. Records Management Month Resolution

Although good records management is necessary for government, businesses, and organizations, it also is important for personal records. As such, April is a great time to think about your personal records, and what you need to do to ensure your records are managed and preserved throughout their lifecycle. Take time this month to organize your records. Choose a consistent naming convention for each type of record, and think about how long particular records should be kept. Not everything needs to be kept forever; it is important to implement timely disposal - either through shredding paper records or deleting electronic records – which also can protect you from identity theft! These steps can save you time (and money) in the long run!

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