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Hello and welcome to the Greene County Archives' blog, "Out of the Clock Tower".  Please join us as we share information on archival issues, news, special events, and highlights from our collection.

Before the archives program began in Greene County in 1996, permanent records were stored in every conceivable space, in basements, garages, and closets. Usually they were in boxes of various shapes and sizes, although seldom adequately labeled, but occasionally they were just in loose piles of books and papers. Most notable were the old records stuffed into the clock tower of the County Courthouse, where they shared their home with pigeon droppings.

Now, there is a clean, environmentally controlled, well appointed location for the county archives, where our historical records are housed in standard sized boxes on steel shelves. We have taken note of their journey in the name for our blog.

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Jul 29

2021 Greene County Fair Week!

Posted on July 29, 2021 at 1:55 PM by Melissa Dalton

It’s Fair Week!! After the fair was reduced to a junior fair last year due to COVID, officials are happy to welcome back the fair to its full capacity. This year, the Greene County Fair celebrates 182 years and will run from August 2 through August 7, 2021. As such, we thought we would share a little bit about the fair’s history, and links to the events (Fig 1).

Fig 1. Greene County Fair, 1983 (Greene County Parks & Trails Collection)

The Greene County Agricultural Society was established in 1834, with the first fair being held on the Courthouse Square in 1839. After the initial success, the fair witnessed continued growth and had to move locations several times to accommodate said growth. In 1867, the current location was chosen, and just under 40 acres were purchased to build the fairgrounds (but it has grown to about 50 acres since then) (Fig 2).

Fig 2. Aerial of the Greene County Fairgrounds, 1986 (Greene County Parks & Trails Collection)

Today, our young residents have the opportunity to show what they’ve learned, and all the hard work they’ve put into preparing for the showmanship events. The fair also provides a time for people of all ages to demonstrate their various talents – be it in household arts, baking, horticulture, or floriculture.

However, the fair is more than just showmanship events; it’s also a time to gather with members of the community to celebrate our collective history and heritage. Maybe you meet family and friends for the grandstand events such as tractor pulls, drag races, harness racing, or the demo derby (Fig 3). Or, maybe you like to enjoy all the foods and rides that make a fair unique (Fig 4). No matter the reason you attend, you are supporting the community that you love!

Fig 3. Tractor pull at the Greene County Fair, 1983 (JPG)Fig 3. Tractor pull at the Greene County Fair, 1983 (Greene County Parks & Trails Collection)

Fig 4. Child riding carousel at the Greene County Fair, 1983 (JPG)Fig 4. Child riding carousel at the Greene County Fair, 1983 (Greene County Parks & Trails Collection)

As part of the week’s festivities, the Greene County Courthouse will be lit GREEN to celebrate the fair. Throughout the week, the fair will host several discount days, and you can check out the full schedule of events to learn when particular events are happening that interest you or your family. And best of all, it looks like we are going to have perfect weather! So, get out and enjoy the Greene County Fair!

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