How can I file a BOR complaint form?
Complaint forms are available in the Document Center and can be filed by mail, email, or delivered to the auditor's office. If the complaint has been scanned, please contact us and a county representative will provide an email address to send as an attached document.

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1. How can I file a BOR complaint form?
2. When can I file a BOR complaint?
3. What tax year can I file for?
4. If I am filing on a recent purchase or sale of property, what documents should I submit with my complaint?
5. What should I expect once I have filed my complaint?
6. If I get a reduction in value, how do I get a refund or credit?
7. What if I do not agree with the Board of Revision decision?
8. Does a Board of Revision value decision carry forward?
9. Do I need an attorney to file for a Board of Revision complaint?