Are there tax relief programs for manufactured or mobile homes?
Rollbacks: These property tax reductions that were only available to real property owners are now available to manufactured and mobile home owners. There is a non-business credit (10% rollback) for everyone and an owner-occupied credit (2.5% rollback) manufactured and mobile home owners.

House Bill 920: Passed into law in 1976, it provides a credit against all voted tax millage. As property values increase due to reappraisals additional 'credit' are applied to voted tax levies so the property owners are not paying more than the amount of taxes the levy was originally voted to collect. The only increased revenue taxing districts receive from voted levies is form the added value of new construction.

Homestead Exemption: Manufactured and mobile homeowners 65 years old or permanently disabled are eligible if the household income is $24,100 or less per year. The program reduces the taxable value of the property, thereby reducing the taxes owed. Applications are available through the auditor's office. The application may be filed between the first Monday in January and the first Monday in June each year.

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