May I file electronically?
Not at this time. A paper copy of the application bearing your original signature must be filed with the county auditor of the county in which your home is located.

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1. What is the homestead exemption?
2. What is the deadline to apply?
3. How has the homestead exemption changed?
4. Who qualifies for the new homestead exemption?
5. When will the reduction affect my property taxes?
6. How will I know if my application has been approved?
7. May I file electronically?
8. Will I have to apply every year to receive the homestead exemption?
9. May I apply for the Homestead Exemption Program if I am a surviving spouse?
10. May I apply for the Homestead Exemption Program if my children's names appear on the deed, too?
11. I am 65, but my spouse is younger than I am. Are we eligible for the home exemption?
12. How do you define permanently and totally disabled?
13. What documentation do I need to provide to prove my disability?
14. How do I show proof of age?
15. How do I prove my income?