How long will it take for my Divorce/Dissolution to be finalized?
Part of the timeline depends on you. Your effort and speed during the compliance process will impact how quickly your paperwork is approved and filed. For some parties, paperwork is approved within a matter of days. For others, it can take several months.

A dissolution must be scheduled for a final hearing within 30 to 90 days of filing.

A timeline for divorce is harder to estimate because it is heavily dependent on the circumstances of the parties. Divorces can be finalized relatively quickly or can be extended for long periods of time. Factors such as how long service takes, whether the defendant participates in the proceedings, how many issues the Court must address, whether children are involved, etc., will impact the length of the process.

Under Ohio Supreme Court guidelines, a divorce with children must be finalized within 18 months of filing; a divorce without children must be finalized within 12 months of filing.

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