I paid off my mortgage but have not received the deed. Why?
In most instances, you received the Deed when you purchased the property, and financed the purchase with a lending institution. The previous owner signed the deed transferring title to you, and a copy of that deed was filed in the Recorder’s Office. The deed does not change, even if you have mortgage. The lender placed a lien (Mortgage) on your property. When this lien (Mortgage) is paid in full, the lending institution will release the lien (Mortgage). To release the lien (Mortgage), your finance company sends the Recorder’s Office a release/satisfaction of mortgage document, stating that your mortgage has been paid in full. By law, your lending institution has ninety (90) days to file this document from the date you paid you loan in full. If you like a copy of your release/satisfaction of mortgage, visit us at our office at:

Greene County Recorder’s Office
69 Greene St
Third Floor
Xenia, Oh 45385

You may also obtain mortgage release copies on the Recorder’s Document Search website. The images on the Greene County Recorder’s website are provided for informational purposes only. The images are watermarked to external users, but the official images located in the Recorder’s Office do not have a watermark. Documents or pages received for filing with the watermark on them will not be accepted for recording.

Official documents and pages without the watermark are available for copying from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, Monday thru Friday inside the Greene County Recorder's Office. The fee for self-service official copies without the watermark is $.10 cents per page. If we make the copy for you, we are required by the state to charge $2.00 per page. If you call us and order a copy, we are required by the state to charge $2.00 per page plus the cost of mailing or faxing it to you.

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1. I paid off my mortgage but have not received the deed. Why?
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