Do parents have to attend visitation?

Parents are required to attend at least 4 times a month.

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1. When is visitation at MVJRC?
2. Do parents have to wait a certain amount of time before coming to visitation?
3. Do parents have to attend visitation?
4. What are the rehabilitation center’s methods to re-establishing proper social norms for these juveniles?
5. How are the juveniles prepared for their futures?
6. What do you do to provide opportunities for the MVJRC youth?
7. What is your solution to the negative influences these juveniles may have once they return to their lives (e.g., family, friends, acquaintances, groups they are involved in)?
8. What kind of interaction do the juveniles get to have with their peers and how do you promote positive social interactions and social skills?
9. How much do females and males interact with one another in rehab?