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Greene County Request for Public Records

  1. Greene County Request for Public Records
  2. Requestor Information:
    (Please provide enough contact information so that your request can be delivered)
  3. Type of record requested:
    (Describe in detail the information you are requesting. Please be specific, including the name of the office/department where the record originates, as well as the Record Schedule Numbers and Titles from the appropriate Retention Schedule. If unsure of what office/department a record originates, please indicate that so that we can assist you in making that determination):
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  6. You have the option to upload your request electronically. The file must be in PDF format to be viewed and processed
  7. Greene County Request for Public Records forms can be submitted via the website, email, mail, fax, or dropped off in-person to the appropriate office and/or department.  Please check the box below and enter your email address to receive a copy of your form. 

    Board of County Commissioners
    35 Greene Street
    Xenia, Ohio 45385

    Phone: (937) 562-5006
    Fax: (937) 562-5331

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