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Property Information Form

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  2. In order to help improve the accuracy of our appraisal information, please provide corrected property information below and click submit. We appreciate the time you have taken to ensure that our data is correct. Please provide the required contact information below so that we may contact you if we have additional questions. You can also review your current information by clicking the Verify Your Property Information link below. If you have any questions concerning this form please contact our appraisal office at (937) 562-5621.
  3. After reviewing your property information, please only correct those items that you deem incorrect.
  4. Percent Basement Finished
  5. Have you improved, remodeled or significantly changed the property in the last five years. If so, please explain.
  6. Has the property been listed for sale in the past three years? If so, please provide the sales date and sales price.
  7. Have you added or removed any outbuildings in the past five years? If so, please explain.
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