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Contact Greene County Engineer

  1. This form is NOT monitored 24/7 and shall not be used for safety hazards or emergency situations.

    Please complete the online form below to submit your questions / comments.

  2. The Greene County Engineer ONLY maintains roads designated as county roads. We do NOT maintain interstates, state routes, municipal streets, residential or subdivision streets. Before submitting your inquiry, please visit the “Road Responsibility Map” to verify your road is a county road. When you click on the road/street, you will find information on which entity is responsible for the maintenance of the road and contact information for the state, municipality or township, if it is not a county road.

  3. Type of Inquiry*
  4. Report A Deer Carcass on Greene County Road

    Please note:
    Call 911 to report any large animal carcass in the travel lane of a roadway that may create an urgent traffic safety hazard or could cause a crash.

  5. Is the deer in the right-of-way?
  6. Report Mailbox Damage from Mowers or Snow Removal Equipment
  7. Is mailbox repairable or in need of replacement?
  8. Is mailbox post reusable or in need of replacement?
  9. Important Information*

    I understand that government agencies are not required by law to replace or repair damaged mailboxes that sit in public right-of-way, and that the Greene County Engineer currently chooses to do so as a courtesy and only on roads maintained by the Greene County Engineer.
    Per Greene County Engineer policy, Greene County will not replace non-standard specialty mailboxes, and will only use breakaway type posts and a standard USPS approved light weight steel mailbox if necessary.

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