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  1. Custom Map Request Form

  2. Fill out the form to request a custom map from the GIS Department. Please note we reserve three business days to process all map requests. Please direct all questions to (937) 562-5150 (Option #2).

  3. Preferred Method of Contact*
  4. Please include the exact area the map should show. This could range from one parcel to one jurisdiction to the entire county. 

  5. Layer Options (Check all layers that should appear in the map)
  6. Any files that could be relevant 

  7. Price Estimation

    Price estimations are based on the size, ortho imagery, and the number of copies of maps. This number is an estimation. Certain government agencies and jurisdictions are qualified for price waivers subject to the discretion of the GIS Department. 

  8. Price Estimate: $1 per copy
  9. Price Estimate: $10 per copy
  10. Price Estimation: $15 per copy
  11. Price Estimation: $20 per copy
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