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Greene CATS Public Transit Online Trip Request Form

  1. Complete this form to request Scheduled Rides only *

    Make trip requests at least two business days before your trip date, by noon, up to one month in advance. Trip requests for Monday must be submitted by noon on Thursday. Trip requests for Tuesday must be submitted by noon on Friday.

    Once your trip request has been submitted you will receive a confirmation email that it has been received by the Scheduling Office.

    A scheduler will then notify you by phone or email whether or not, based on availability, your trip request can be scheduled. If not, you may choose to go on the waiting list and be notified the day before if space becomes available.

    If you need to follow up on a request please call the Scheduling Office at (937) 708-8322, and choose option 1.

    *Please note that this form does not work for one-way trips with multiple stops or for Flex Route Deviations. These type of requests must be called into our Scheduling Office directly.

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  8. Will you have a Personal Care Attendant to travel with you due to a disability?*
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  10. Reservation can be submitted at least two business days in advance (by noon) and up to one month in advance of trip date.
  11. Address you are traveling from (typically your home)

  12. Exact address you are traveling to including physician's name or facility name

  13. Example: you can request door-to-door assistance or assistance with carry-on items
  14. Will you have a guest traveling with you?*
  15. If yes, what is the Age(s) of the Guest(s)?
  16. Will any of your guests require:*
  17. Will you need a return ride?*
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  19. Please include Apt, Suite, City, State and Zip code information in request.
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