Eric Shoemaker

Veterans' Services
Title: Van Driver
Phone: (937) 562-6026

Eric Wilcox, driver for GC Veterans Services', completed infantry basic at Ft. Benning Ga. 1980. He was then assigned to Co. C., 3rd Battalion, 7th Infantry Regiment, 197th Infantry Brigade (Separate) Ft. Benning Georgia. Besides being assigned to a Tactical Operations and Equipment Unit, one of the more notable assignments was to assist the Dept. of Defense in testing and evaluation of the new Viper anti-armor weapon. It was being developed to replace the "Law" rocket. The testing uncovered serous flaws in the Viper's fusing system which caused premature detonation and the weapon was scrapped by the D.O.D. In July 1981, he was selected to attend the United States Military Academy Preparatory School at Ft. Monmouth N.J. where he graduated in June of 1982. After receiving a Congressional nomination, Eric went on to attend the United States Military Academy at West Point New York. class of 1986. After separating from there, he went on to become an Army Reserve Dragon (anti-armor) Gunner Instructor at the 70th Division Training Unit in Richmond, Indiana. Eric has been with Veteran Services since November 2015.


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